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PhotoBoothDallas.Org Captures Moments at Savor the Sound Event

In October of 2015, McDonald’s and Pandora joined up to host Savor the Sound, an entertainment event pumped full of hip-hop/electronic beats and free to Pandora RSVP listeners. The Hickory Street Annex event featured performances by The Knocks, as well as plenty of free swag for those in attendance.

Also making a splash at the event was Photo Booth Dallas, a local photo booth rental company that created an innovative photo station involving high-res monitors and a McDonald’s ball pit. Guests at the event loved jumping into the pit for their truly unique “selfies”, images which helped freeze the exciting moment for those fortunate enough to attend.

 2 men in ball pit photo booth

man using a photo booth kiosk

man using a photo booth kiosk

ball pit photo booth ball pit photo booth with couple photo booth kiosk at event mcdonalds ball pit pandora photo booth picture girls in ball pit people in ball pit cool mcdonalds photo booth ball pit girl using a photo kiosk people in a ball pit 2 men in photo booth

males in ball pit photo booth

mcdonalds and pandora savor the sound event guys in ball pit photo booth for savor the sound

ball pit photo booth

Ball Pit Photo Booth

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One thought on "PhotoBoothDallas.Org Captures Moments at Savor the Sound Event"

  1. Eric says:

    This is awesome! We definitely need to add a ball pit at our next event!

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