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How much space does the Photo Booth need?

Our photo booths typically take an 8×8 space. We also ask to be near a regular power outlet no more than 8 feet away. If you book our roaming booth we do not need any space at all! Our attendant will walk around with a photo booth at all times and no power is needed as we carry our own power pack.

Can we use the Photo Booth outside?

No.  We no longer accept outside events.

How many photos can we print?

As many as you want. When we say unlimited, we mean UNLIMITED. Our attendants are trained to make sure to make copies for every person in the photo. If we are able to fit 15 guests in one photo then we will print 15 photos.

How long do the pictures take to print?

Our printers print photos in less than 8 seconds, very fast!

Is the Photo Booth user friendly?

Yes! We make it super simple to use our photo booths. Once you are in front of the camera, you’ll see yourself in real-time on the touchscreen monitor. From there, you’ll be able to follow the on-screen prompts that tell you exactly what to do.

A timer will appear to let you know when the photo and/or video is about to be taken/start. After the pictures and/or videos have been taken, another prompt will appear asking for your phone number. The digital copies will then be sent by text to the phone number entered immediately (as long as WiFi is present).

Can my guests text their photos?

Yes! As long as there is WiFi your guests will receive their photos right away. If there is no WiFi your guests can still text their photos but they will be sent after your event as soon as we can send them from our office.

What is an “Open Air” Booth?

Unlike most photo booths, where you are in a small enclosure with walls and a drape, our open-air photo booths are designed without walls so everyone can see what is happening. The camera and printer are placed in front of a 7ft wide backdrop and there’s approximately 7ft of space between the camera and the backdrop. This allows for plenty of people to jump into the pictures.

Open-air photo booths are unique because they allow everyone to see what is happening. This can really change the event and/or party atmosphere. All it takes is one goofy person to really make the party a PARTY!

How far do you travel and is there a travel fee?

As long as you are within 10 miles of our main office, we will not charge a travel fee. However, if you are further, there will be a travel fee. It is best to contact us to determine how much the travel fee will be for your photo booth rental.

Is there always a Photo Booth Attendant with the photo booth?

If you choose our Prime Booth then YES! From the beginning of the event, until everything is over, we will have an attendant on hand. They will set the photo booth up, be there to help with any issues, and take it down when your rental period is over. If you choose our Social Booth then you will have the option to add an Attendant depending on the type of event. Because our booths are so easy to use, if there are no prints and only texting with a Social Booth then we can most definitely set up the booth and return to pick up when the event is over.

What kinds of props to you set up?

We have the standard props such as big sunglasses, boas, cute signs, headbands, and so much more. Because we keep up with trends, we might even have something EXTRA with us for an added surprise.

What is a “Custom” template design?

All of our booth rentals include a customized print design that is unique to your special event and/or party. You tell us everything we need to know such as colors you want used, fonts you like, borders you prefer and text, and our graphic designers will make sure your photos stand out.

How do I book?

Give us a call or use our online contact form to see what’s available. We do require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of your total to reserve your photo booth. The rest of the balance is due 7 days prior to your event. If you need to change your reservation and/or date, contact us immediately so we can make the necessary changes.

Are you insured?

Yes we are! We carry a $1mil policy, so we definitely are covered. If you need, we can even add your venue as an additional insured option upon request.


Step 1–> Call (972) 460-6616 or fill out a quote request form here.

Step 2–> We will email you a quote and request any additional information needed.

Step 3–> Once you agree to move forward with booking us we will send you an electronic rental agreement within 48 hours to secure your booking.

Step 4–>You will fill out the rental agreement with venue, design, layout choice & contact info.

Step 5–> Once rental agreement has been signed we will process your deposit manually with the information provided.

Step 6–> 1 week before your event we will process your remaining balance with the card on file and start working on your template design.  You can also choose a date that you would like to make the final payment.

Step 7–> Once your template design is finished, we will send it to you for approval and you can make up to 2 changes.

Step 8–> Day of event we will arrive 30 mins to 45 mins prior to your event to set up.  Please be sure to provide us with the point of contact to prevent any delays on set up.